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A group of aspiring art collectors represented by Unit holdings known as ArtStream Albury Pty Ltd. The first ArtStream group started in 2009 and wound up in 2019. Now a new group has been formed to operate a ArtStream 2, known as ArtStream Albury.

The ArtStream Albury collection is about to begin. Principally the collection will embrace works that reflect the artist’s response to the environment and to where and how we live. In additon the group considers how to build a strong collection and the investment value of each artwork purchased.

A buying group of seven is selected on the basis of a two year rotation to consult and purchase artworks on Artstream behalf.  The life of the collection is 10 years then all art will be offered and sold within the group.

Each year we travel to capital cities and visit art galleries and have two speakers visit Albury to talk to us about art.

We hope you enjoy our collection. It will be updated annually.

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